Greetings Family!!! I’ll keep it brief since you can clearly see in the title I’m still in a wonderful place!!!! I’m enjoying this journey. Your testimonies of relief are adding sheer joy to my life😃🙂! I’m literally smiling while typing this blog😁. If some of you prefer to email me, please know you also have that option at There’s so much more to come. Stay connected!!! I’m posting some good stuff sent to me by some you on tomorrow. I pray you all that are still challenged with this migraine fight get relief and strength. I am praying for you and I have others doing so as well. Keep us posted on your decision whether it be the daith of another option that works better for you. I’m sending peace & love to you friends! Thank you all always! I looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

Netra 😘

One thought on “Day 9 MIGRAINE FREE!!!!

  1. Hey I have been suffering with migraines for over 16yrs and am on my 3rd round of Botox today I got my daith pierced and I’m claiming healing. The devil tried to attack me on the drive to the tattoo shop but I had to think of all the days I was unable to work get out of bed hang with my children because of the dreadful illness and I said no it has to end. I’m so encouraged by your testimony and others I pray mines goes well and I thank you for sharing


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