All is well!!! I’m still experiencing the joy of life without a migraine. This is so surreal some days. I even bumped my head the other day and that would usually, very easily, trigger head pain then the migraine. I’ve been getting my life back. My family is still checking everyday to see how I’m feeling. They are still overwhelmed too!!! Lol! They are smiling and laughing and that makes my heart happier than words can say. I’m experiencing a lot of joy here lately. Your testimonies of healing and how happy some of you are now gives me soooo much joy too. I never imagined sharing my daith piercing experience would become such a blessing to others. To my surprise, so many of you are finding hope and healing!🙌🏽 To God be All the Glory! A leap of Faith led to the healing I’ve been praying for! So I say to you, whatever your leap of Faith is, make sure you’ve prayed and you leap in without wavering. Faith and fear are antithetical. You never know how your leap will bless you along with someone else😊! Be encouraged family! Things are getting better!!!! Keep the faith! 

Sending strength, Love and courage through prayer,


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