I heard a friend say some years ago and I’ve held on to this example and analogy. Every cut is NOT to kill or injure you permanently. When surgery is being done, cutting is taking place to repair what is broken or dysfunctional. It’s a cut to HEAL. Well that’s how I view sharing my life stories. What works and doesn’t work for me is me revealing the cuts I had that needed surgery by God. Whether I had self inflicted cuts or was cut by others, I still needed to be repaired because I was broken in some way shape or form. It’s hard for leaders to admit pain or weakness from fear of being taken advantage of or viewed as lacking adequate strength. Well, I’m a leader, and people view me as very strong for some reason. That’s ok, but I am challenged just like everyone else. Had I allowed that view to stop me from sharing my testimonies dealing with migraines and fibromyalgia, I would not have gained a new family to stand with against chronic pain suffering. There’s strength in numbers! Pride can keep you from your blessings and rob others of their blessings as well. So I urge you friends, with all wisdom, share your stories and testimonies! None of us live for ourselves!!!!! 

I pray for your strength, peace, comfort and Sweet RELIEF! 


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