Well I guess the title says it all! I’m still migraine free!!!!! I see some of you all have been taking the same leap of faith.πŸ˜ƒ I am so excited and overjoyed for your relief! Now this fight with fibromyalgia has been just that, A FIGHT! I’ve been dealing with flare ups as I am right at this moment 😐. The weather change and whatever else triggered this foolishness I’m feeling is putting a damper on my weekend…Ughh! The blessed part of this is that, I would, under past circumstances before my daith piercing, be fighting a HUGE migraine simultaneously while the feeling of sharp needles going through my joints and muscles or the feeling of hammers that seem to accurately tap, strike or hit my hip, elbow, ankle, knee, toe or finger joints while they are aching. Did I paint that picture!?😳😬… just a brief description of the type of pain that some Chronic Pain fighters are challenged with on frequent basis. To be done with the head pain makes this part of it so much better, believe it or not. So to keep from feeling this way all the time, I exercise, meditate on happy things, and laugh as often as possible! I encourage my family out there to do the same. Laughter is good like a medicine!!! Happiness has A LOT to do with healing! What we focus on has the ability to shape our lives. So I encourage you friends, to change your minds. Change what you’re focusing on and who’s in your space if necessary! Speak positive no matter how you feel. It really could be worse. Love! Love! Love! Give it and receive it😍😘! Seek peace and pursue it. Be careful what you allow in your space. It could be your next trigger for pain! 

Love you guys! 


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