DAYS 21 & 22 Of my migraine free journey have been ok.😐 I worked out yesterday and of course recovery was and is in the works (fibromyalgia). I absolutely cannot over exert or I’ll get dizzy and nauseous. If my cool down isn’t done fairly quickly, I get a headache 😳… Well coming from the migraine world, headaches can turn into migraines.😣 I still have to deal with grinding my teeth as a habit too, so if I’m not careful, I can compromise my sweet relief! Those two things are in the forefront of my mind now. No grinding my teeth and no over exertion! I’m constantly taking note and paying attention to what my is saying. If any thing is going to set me back, then it is a BIG NO! I’ll modify or eliminate whatever costs me my freedom from migraines and not being able to lift my head. So there family, it’s my first bout of a kinda tough day. I’m refusing to let go of my healing, health and peace. Today turned out to be stressful so it’s time to relax and find a reason to laugh! I pray you guys gain strength and relief! I also pray you are taking the necessary steps to keep your peace, your strength, your joy and for some your RELIEF!!!!

Much Love to You all! 😘

2 thoughts on “DAY 21 & 22 STILL MIGRAINE FREE

  1. HI yesterday I have my piercing I hope work like you cause I live with migraine all my life and the doctor can’t do it nothing for me. By the way I Madeline

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