I’m actually 34 days free of migraines!!! Hallelujah!!​


5 thoughts on “30 Days Later…MIGRAINE FREE!!!!! 

  1. Hi Netra my name is Lisa I 2 suffer a lot of MIGRANES I WAS HOPEIN U would share wit me about where u went and how workable price wise it is. It would mean the world to me.I’ve made a request to be friends if not I more than understand but just look 4 Lisa Vaughn I”m truly happy 4 u 2 pay it 4ward to me would be very much appciciated thanx 4 ur time have a grt day.

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    1. Hi Lisa!🤗 I’ll be praying for your sweet relief! I’ll also look for you on my FB Page. I went to Classic 13 Tattoos in Downtown Birmingham, AL. I paid $40 for it. 😃


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